#604 Eelektross

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Eelektross, the EleFish Pokémon. Eelektross’s mouth locks onto its opponents, where upon it delivers an electric shock.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Eelektross is one of the pure Electric types introduced in Gen V. Its family for some reason gets the ability Levitate, which means it has no weaknesses. Tynamo with Levitate, I can understand, Eelektrik with Levitate, I can sort of understand. But Eelektross clearly has feet (or feet-like fins). In the game sprites, those feet-fins touch the ground too. Even in the anime, it’s not seen to be floating. So I’m not sure why Eelektross has Levitate, while Pokemon like Magnemite, which is clearly floating around, does not have Levitate. Pokemon logic for you.

What I also don’t get about Eelektross is that it’s based on an electric eel, but it’s not Water type, or can it learn any Water moves other than Rain Dance. Electric/Water is a pretty good type combination, look at Lanturn. It feels as if the Water subtype was removed because they wanted to make a Pokemon with no weaknesses that’s not Ghost/Dark.

I’m not really fond of its design either. While it looks better than Eelektrik, it still has that weird sucker mouth, which you don’t really see in the sprites since its head tilts down, but it’s there, just watch the anime. Despite having those fangs and being an Electric type, it for some reason cannot learn Thunder Fang.

In the games, Cynthia has found her way to Unova, and has raised an Eelektross, which she uses when you battle her. The Subway Boss also has an Eelektross.

Stat-wise, Eelektross is rather slow, especially since Electric types are generally known for their Speed. It has good Attack and Sp Attack though, making it a good mixed attacker. Plus, it learns a variety of both physical and special moves of many types. Its defenses are average, but it also has no type weaknesses. Eelektross was evolved by Thunderstone, so it doesn’t learn many moves by level-up, but it can learn many TMs.

2 thoughts on “#604 Eelektross

    1. Yeah, even its sprites makes it look like it’s standing (same in the anime). It’s weird how Magnemite (and its family) look like it’s floating but don’t have Levitate, while Eelektross isn’t floating but has Levitate XD

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