#174 Igglybuff

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Igglybuff, the Balloon Pokémon. Igglybuff’s resiliant body allows it to bounce endlessly once it’s been put in motion.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Igglybuff is one of the baby Pokemon introduced in Gen II that evolves by Happiness. It’s supposed to look cute, but however I look at it, I find it more creepy than cute, probably due to the giant, red, and round eyes that seem to stare into your soul, ugh *shudders*. It should be called “Ugglybuff” instead, haha. I don’t like Jigglypuff, and I like Igglybuff even less….

Stat-wise, it has a lot of HP for some reason, but not much else. As a baby Pokemon, it cannot breed. It also doesn’t learn many moves by level-up.

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