#148 Dragonair

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Dragon.

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Dragonair, a Dragon Pokémon. A legendary Pokémon that can make rain or snow fall at its will. It can even fly without wings.
– Ash’s Pokedex

This year is the Year of the Dragon (which is also my zodiac). I picked Dragonair because it’s the Dragon with the most Eastern influence in its design (actually I’d say Gyarados looks the most like the Chinese Dragons I’m used to, but I’ve already put up Gyarados).

Dragonair looks elegant and graceful, and it’s my favourite of its family. It looks closer to Dratini than Dragonite (the resemblance between Dragonair and Dragonite isn’t great imo). Despite not being Flying type like its evolution, it’s said to be able to fly (and seen flying in the anime), though it doesn’t learn any Flying type moves. Its Pokedex entries say stuff about how it can change and weather, but it doesn’t have any of the weather-inducing abilities. It can learn Hail, Sunny Day, and Rain Dance by TM, but a lot of other Pokemon can as well, and Dragonair cannot learn Sandstorm.

Speaking of the anime, Dragonair’s first appearance was in that banned episode of the anime, where the Safari Zone warden put a gun to Ash’s head.

Dragonair’s stats are pretty even, with slight emphasis on Attack. Dragonair for some reason is one of the few non-Electric type Pokemon to learn Thunder Wave by level-up.

4 thoughts on “#148 Dragonair

  1. They should’ve made only Dratini-Dragonair, they look classy and beautiful, but, I think, Dragonite looks like a cartoon and it has nothing to do with the other two…

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