#257 Blaziken

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Blaziken, the Blaze Pokémon. Blaziken is able to easily leap over 30 story buildings with its great lower body strength.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Blaziken is the original fully evolved FireFighter. It’s a huge flaming fighting chicken that looks rather humanoid. It looks like it’s wearing leg warmers, and has long hair. I always laugh at its tuft of crotch feathers. Blaziken is also really tall, being 6’3″ (1.9m) tall. The flames on Blaziken’s wrists seem to be able to be turned on and off (like Cyndaquil’s flame on its back), as it’s often seen without flames around its wrists.

In the anime, May’s starter evolved into a Blaziken (she’s one of the main characters that actually let her Pokemon evolve, haha).

Stat-wise, Blaziken has high Attack and Sp Attack, but not much Defenses, making it a glass cannon. Its Speed isn’t great, making it less useful as a sweeper than say, Infernape. Looking at its stats, Blaziken doesn’t really stand out much…

…except that it gets the ability Speed Boost from the Dream World. Because of this, it became the first (and currently only) starter Pokemon to be banished into the Uber tier (according to Smogon). After a few Speed Boosts, it’ll outspeed any potential counters (without a priority move). And with two great STAB moves in Flare Blitz and Hi Jump Kick (which got powered up to 130 in Gen V, from 100 in Gen IV), as well as the high-powered Brave Bird, it’s able to OHKO anything that doesn’t resist it (or has Sturdy or Focus Sash). Though there’s currently no legitimate way outside of Japan to have a Speed Boosting Blaziken. Blaziken had a signature move in Blaze Kick when the move was introduced in Gen III.

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