#446 Munchlax

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Munchlax, the Big Eater Pokémon. It gobbles up its own body weight in food each day, and it swallows its food without almost any chewing.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Munchlax is Snorlax’s baby form Pokemon. Like Snorlax, it likes to eat, a lot. Despite being a Gen IV Pokemon, it appeared in Pokemon 😄 Gale of Darkness, Mystery Dungeon (Red and Blue rescue team) and Pokémon Dash, which are Gen III games.

In the anime too, Munchlax appeared in the Advanced series; May had a Munchlax, and a Munchlax was a recurring character in the Destiny Deoxys movie.

Stat-wise, Munchlax is pretty unique. It’s slow; it has the lowest Speed stat, tied with Shuckle. But it has high HP and good Attack and Sp Def, especially considering it’s a baby Pokemon. In fact, Munchlax has the highest base stat total of all baby Pokemon.


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