#446 Munchlax

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Munchlax, the Big Eater Pokémon. It gobbles up its own body weight in food each day, and it swallows its food without almost any chewing.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Munchlax is Snorlax’s baby form Pokemon. Like Snorlax, it likes to eat, a lot. Despite being a Gen IV Pokemon, it appeared in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, Mystery Dungeon (Red and Blue rescue team) and Pokémon Dash, which are Gen III games.

In the anime too, Munchlax appeared in the Advanced series; May had a Munchlax, and a Munchlax was a recurring character in the Destiny Deoxys movie.

Stat-wise, Munchlax is pretty unique. It’s slow; it has the lowest Speed stat, tied with Shuckle. But it has high HP and good Attack and Sp Def, especially considering it’s a baby Pokemon. In fact, Munchlax has the highest base stat total of all baby Pokemon.

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