#455 Carnivine

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Carnivine, the Bug Catcher Pokémon. It uses its sweet smelling saliva to catch its prey.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Carnivine seems like another filler Pokemon to me. It has no evolutionary relatives. For some weird reason, Carnivine gets the ability Levitate, even though in the anime, it’s seen to be standing on the ground… Its Grass typing would resist Ground anyway.

Speaking of the anime, James had a Carnivine in the anime. So this Pokemon is actually seem pretty often. I wonder if James has one because of his affinity to weird Grass types, who tend to bite/stab him when they’re released from their Pokeballs, like Victreebel and Cacnea before it, Carnivine likes to try to swallow James’s head.

Stat-wise, it has decent Attack, but low Speed and not too great Defenses

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