#288 Vigoroth

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Vigoroth, the Wild Monkey Pokémon. Vigoroth is only comfortable going berserk. Will destroy anything in its path by spinning both arms, and goes more berserk when done.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Vigoroth is giving you a high-five, vigorously. Despite being a sloth, its species name is “Wild Monkey” Pokemon. The Vigoroth family is kinda weird; it starts out being lazy, then gets energetic, and then back to being lazy again. Vigoroth loses its ability of Truant as a Slakoth when it evolved, gaining Vital Spirit instead, but it gets Truant back when it evolves into a Slaking.

Stat-wise, Vigoroth has Speed as its highest, not surprising since it’s supposed to have a lot of energy. Its stat total isn’t very high, but when it evolves into Slaking, it goes up by a lot, since Slaking has the highest base stat total of non-legendaries.

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