#96 Drowzee

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Drowzee, the Hypnotic Pokémon. It is said to feed on the dreams of its opponents. It is also known for its powerful Psychic attack.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Drowzee’s family is often overshadowed by the more popular yellow Psychic family of Gen I, the Abra family. Ever since I set eyes on it, I’ve hated Drowzee’s design. It’s supposed to be based on a dream-eating tapir. I’ve seen images of tapirs, they’re kinda ugly, but Drowzee looks uglier than tapirs due to being so fat; it’s like a cross between and elephant and a pig. Its arms are always out in a “I will hypnotize you” pose, but it can also be seen as a sort of a zombie pose haha.

Appearance aside, Drowzee’s name is a bit misleading, in that one of its abilities is Insomnia, which actually prevents it from sleeping or ever becoming drowsy. I guess Drowzee is so named because he’s making other Pokemon drowsy. And abilities were added in Gen III (where Drowzee’s sole ability was Insomnia), so originally Drowzee didn’t have that attribute.

Stat-wise, it has decent Sp Defense, but not much else. Being the Hypnotic Pokemon, Drowzee starts with the move Hypnosis. But despite its Pokedex entries saying how it eats dreams (it’s an important aspect of Drowzee), it doesn’t learn Dream Eater by level-up, but by TM (except in Gen III, where Dream Eater wasn’t a TM anymore, but Drowzee can learn it by move tutor).


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