#238 Smoochum

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
(were you expecting Almomola since it’s heart-shaped? nope, Smoochum wants a kiss!)

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Smoochum, the Kiss Pokémon. The pre-evolved form of Jynx. This sweet natured Pokémon has sensitive lips, which it uses to explore and examine with.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Smoochum, the baby Pokemon of Jynx, which is one of the weirdest and dare I say ugliest Pokemon I’ve seen. Smoochum is sort of cute, I guess. Though its puckering lips still kind of creep me out. Smoochum is a female-only species. It’s the only Ice type baby Pokemon. Its typing of Ice/Psychic, which it shares it Jynx, is unique to its family.

Stat-wise, it has surprisingly high Sp Attack for not evolved Pokemon, especially a baby Pokemon. Though its Defense is only 15 base. Smoochum is one of the few baby Pokemon that evolves by level, not by happiness. I guess it doesn’t need to be happy to become a Jynx? haha


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