#182 Bellossom

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Bellossom, the Flower Pokémon. When these Pokémon move, their delicate petals rub together, creating a pleasant sound. They are also known for their unique acrobatic dancing abilities.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Bellossom is one of Oddish’s final forms, evolving from Gloom with a Sun Stone, a new item in Gen II. It lost the Poison type when exposed to the sun. It’s apparently the smallest Pokemon that evolved twice. It’s based on a dancing flower, and is rather cute. Even though it looks rather feminine, it’s 50% male. In the anime, Bellossoms are seen dancing while chanting “Bella, bella, bell-awesome”.

Stat-wise, Bellossom has good Sp Defense and decent Sp Attack, but low Speed. It cannot learn Solar Beam by level-up in Gen IV and V despite being associated with the sun, though it can learn by TM.

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