#51 Dugtrio

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Dugtrio. Formed when three Diglett combine. This Pokémon is able to tunnel deep beneath the earth’s surface.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Dugtrio is another mystery of the Pokemon universe. When a Diglett is ready to evolve, do they just find 2 other Digletts and form a Dugtrio? Are the Digletts connected underground? Are they able to go off on their own? What if the 3 Digletts disagree? Gen I liked doing the trio thing I suppose (like Magneton and Dodrio).

In Mystery Dungeon, one of the NPCs is a Diglett, and its father is a Dugtrio. When the father speaks, it always says “we”. So does that mean this Diglett has multiple fathers? Is the mother also a Dugtrio? (that would make things even more awkward). Also, if you talk to the father Dugtrio at one point in the game, it talks about swimming in the ocean. Even your character thinks to itself “how does it do that”?

In the anime, Diglett has a very cute voice, saying “Diglett Dig, Diglett Dig”, and Dugtrio follows up by saying “Trio trio trio” in a pretty deep voice.

Stat-wise, it’s quite fast, despite not having feet and presumably has to move the earth when it moves (in the anime, it moves by bobbing up and down, like it’s running underground). It has good Attack as well, though its defense isn’t great. Its ability Arena Trap is quite annoying if you’re stuck fighting it with a disadvantageous Pokemon, or if you’re locked into a not very effective move/Electric move with a choice item.

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