#409 Rampardos

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Rampardos, the Head Butt Pokémon and the evolved form of Cranidos. Its Headbutt attack is so powerful that it can pulverize even the sturdiest of objects with one hit.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Rampardos’ claim to fame is that it has the highest Attack of non-legendary Pokemon, second only to Attack-form Deoxys. It’s also the only pure Rock type fully evolved Fossil Pokemon. Despite its Pokedex entry saying stuff having a hard head and using it to hit things, it can’t learn Skull Bash, or have the ability Rock Head (it gets Mold Breaker instead).

In the anime, Roark’s Cranidos evolved into a Rampardos and fought with Ash. It has Flamethrower as ones of its moves, despite it not having great Sp Attack, though I guess in the anime, stats aren’t as important (or even seem to matter).

Stat-wise, aside from its very high Attack, it doesn’t have high enough Speed to make it a sweeper. Its defenses also aren’t that great, making Rampardos harder to hit back, but if it does hit back, it’s sure to do some good amount of damage.

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