#332 Cacturne

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Cacturne, the Scarecrow Pokémon. Cacturne is the evolved form of Cacnea, and has traits of both Grass and Dark types. It rarely moves during the day, but is active once the temperature drops at night.
– May’s Pokedex

Cacturne looks like an evil-looking person. It’s the second fully evolved Grass/Dark Pokemon, after Shiftry. It’s not a great typing though, weak to 6 types, including a double weakness to Bug.

In the anime, Harley, May’s rival, had a Cacturne, it’s his best Pokemon, and he seems to be a big fan of it, dressing up as a Cacturne all the time. When he first met May, May was all “Cacturne? What kind of Pokemon is that?” And because of May’s ignorance towards Cacturne, Harley has hated May since.

Stat-wise, it has good Sp Attack and Attack, but not very good Speed or Defenses. It gets the ability Sand Veil, which can help it on a Sandstorm team I suppose, but it’s not immune to Sandstorm’s damage and makes it immune to Sandstorm damage. In the Dreamworld, it gets Water Absorb, probably because it’s based on a cactus. It could work well on a Rain team, since Fire’s power is reduced in the rain.

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