#537 Seismitoad

Happy Leap Year Day!!

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They shoot paralyzing liquid from their head bumps. They use vibration to hurt their opponents.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

Seismitoad is Gen V’s requisite Water/Ground type Pokemon. It’s based on a frog, and although it can have Poison Touch as an ability, it’s not Poison type. Its Water/Ground typing was useful defensively when I used it on my Nuzlocking game. As long as I don’t foresee a Grass type attack, I can trust it to take a hit. Seismitoad looks sad, or like a punk, due to the two lumps above its face.

For some reason, we see a lot of Seismitoad in the anime, appearing as the Pokemon of the day, or owned by the character of the day. Ash has a Palpitoad, and I wonder if it’ll evolve into a Seismitoad one day.

Stat-wise, it has good HP, other than that, its stats are pretty even, with equal Attack and Sp Attack, making it a decent mixed attacker. I had Earthquake and Surf on it (though it doesn’t learn Earthquake by level-up, only through TM). It can have the ability Swift Swim (good in a Rain team, because its Speed is pretty average), or Poison Touch (good defensively, because it poisons on contact, both if you’re hitting the opponent, or if the opponent hits you). Seismitoad is the only Pokemon to get Poison Touch outside of the Dreamworld, as well as the only non-Poison type Pokemon to get it.

1 thought on “#537 Seismitoad

  1. I love this sight. Thanks for doing such great wallpapers! I was wondering if you could do Reuniclus next. He’s such an interesting pokemon, and his shiny is awsome. He is really neat stratagy wise too. Thanks! : )

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