#596 Galvantula

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Galvantula, the EleSpider Pokémon. Galvantula attacks its prey by shooting electrically charged threads and its front mandibles can hold down opponents.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Galvantula (and its pre-evolution) has a unique type combination, Bug/Electric. It’s not too bad a combination, as it balances out Electric’s weakness to Ground and Bug’s weakness to Flying. Galvantula is based on a spider yet again, as if Ariados/Spinarak aren’t enough (I don’t like spiders DX), though I find Galvantula less creepy than Ariados/Spinarak….

Stat-wise, it’s quite fast (good for Electro Ball), and has pretty good Sp Attack. But in exchange, has poor defenses. It (and Joltik) has a signature move in Electroweb, an Electric move with 55 power and 95 acc, and lowers target’s Speed by one stage. Good to use in conjunction with Electro Ball I guess.

2 thoughts on “#596 Galvantula

  1. I first wasn’t really pleased by this one,

    Now I know how strong it is, and I made it my first electric type attacker :

    Compoundeyes and a Lens make Thunder never miss without Rain weather. Its a very powerful spider. I wonder what’s the best, mix bug and electric attacks or fully make it electric.

    1. ooh, I never tried raising a Galvantula, but nice idea using Compoundeyes and Lens with Thunder. Doesn’t hurt sticking Bug Buzz on it, a good counter for Grass types, since Electric is not very effective against it.

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