#105 Marowak

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Marowak, a Bone Keeper Pokémon. Despite its small size, its offensive and defensive strength is impressive.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Marowak has grown up from the sad and lonely Cubone into an angry-looking Pokemon that wacks people with its bone club, haha.

Marowak for some reason has 3 signature moves prior to Gen IV, all of them bone-based. It only has base 80 Attack, but its special held item Thick Club, doubles its Attack. So Marowak can reach a max Attack stat of 568 (at level 100, with max IVs and EVs and beneficial Nature), the highest Attack stat obtainable without stat modifiers, abilities, or items with adverse effects.

Aside from its Attack, it has good Defense and decent Sp Defense. However, its Speed is rather poor. But one of its abilities Rock Head makes it immune to recoil damage, so it could be a defensive sweeper.

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