#271 Lombre

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Lombre, the Jolly Pokémon. Lombre is a playful trickster. If it spots an angler, it will tug on the fishing line to interfere.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Despite being the “Jolly Pokemon”, I think Lombre looks rather discontent and pouty, probably because of that pouty beak and those apathetic-looking eyes. Lotad looked shy, and only does Lombre evolve into Ludicolo does it look truly jolly.

Lombre’s family has a unique type combination, which makes it 4x resistant to Water. Even though it’s Grass type, the only Grass move it learns by level-up is Absorb; Lotad learns Mega Drain by level-up and Ludicolo learns it at the start, but Lombre for some reason doesn’t learn it by level-up. And it can only learn Giga Drain by TM or breeding (when it’s no longer a TM in Gen V). One of its abilities is Rain Dish, which makes sense due to its lillypad-shaped head/hat thing.

Stat-wise, it has decent Sp Defense and HP, and Sp Attack. While it’s slow, one of its abilities is Swift Swim, which makes it much faster in the Rain.

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