#432 Purugly

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Purugly, the Tiger Cat Pokémon, and the evolved form of Glameow. By rounding its tail around itself, it can appear to be bigger, and when locking eyes with another, it can stare forever.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Purugly went from the slim glamorous Glameow to a fat ugly cat who looks bored. I think it’s supposed to be a post-success Diva who let herself go? Or maybe I’m just thinking too much XD It’s Gen IV’s cat Pokemon.

Despite its size and fatness, Purugly’s quite fast, with base 112 Speed, its highest stat. Maybe it rolls or something? haha. Aside from its Speed, it has decent Attack. I find it funny how it learns Attract by level-up. It learns many Status moves by level-up, like Charm, Captivate, and Attract. I guess there are people who find fat cats attractive.

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