#451 Skorupi

Happy Pi Day!! To celebrate, I’m putting up Skoruπ =D

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As soon as the tail claws close, its needle tips secrete poison. It can survive a year without food.
– Pokemon Platinum Pokedex

Skorupi joins the many Bug/Poison types of the Pokemon world, but it stands out as being Poison/Bug instead of Bug/Poison. It loses the Bug type upon evolution, the only Pokemon to do so.

Stat-wise, it has good Defense, decent Speed and Attack. It learns Bug, Poison, Dark, and Normal moves by level-up. Oddly, even though its Pokedex entries say stuff about its tail secreting poison, it only learns Poison Tail by breeding. It learns Poison Fang by level-up instead. It can learn Aqua Tail from the Dreamworld, but its Dreamworld ability isn’t as good as its normal abilities I think. Sniper is useful offensively, and Battle Armor is good defensively. Both are better than Keen Eye, the use of which is in rather limited situations.

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