#642 Thundurus

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The spikes on its tail discharge immense bolts of lightning. It flies around the Unova region firing off lightning bolts.
– Pokemon White Pokedex

Thunderstorms and more thunderstorms today (the first of the season?). It started this morning (coupled with rain and some hail), stopped during the day, and there’s more now, cutting off power intermittently. I love thunderstorms and all, but not when it takes away my Internets XD Must’ve been Thundurus’s doing, he’s probably fighting with Tornadus again.

Anyway, Thundurus is the White-exclusive member of the the Kami trio. It roams Unova, causing random storms everywhere. Like the other two members, despite it being a legendary Pokemon, it has a gender (male). It’s based on the Japanese god of thunder, Raijin. I’m not really fond of his (or the other two’s) design. It wasn’t until Pokedex 3D that I realized that spiky thing was his tail, I thought it was some ring he wears around him. His lower body is never seen, presumably hidden in the cloud thing he rides.

It’s one of the few Electric/Flying types, and the second legendary with that typing (it’s like Fire/Flying, 2/3 are legendaries). Its species name “Bolt Strike” Pokemon is also the name of Zekrom’s exclusive move.

In the anime, Thundurus showed up in a special episode, where it was fighting with Tornadus, and Landorus (with the help of Ash and co) had to stop them from fighting. It seems that the tradition of version exclusive legendaries fighting each other, and the 3rd one having to stop them, continues on since 3rd gen. In the games, Thundurus and Tornadus are fighting too, though stat-wise, Thundurus clearly has the advantage. I find it funny how Thundurus learns Nasty Plot while Tornadus doesn’t. Does that mean Thundurus is the more evil of the two?

Stat-wise, it has good Attack, Sp Attack, and Speed, but poor defenses. Despite being part Flying, it doesn’t learn any Flying types by level-up, probably because it floats more than it flies. Judging by its design, it might as well be pure Electric with Levitate (it would make more sense than having that on Eelektross), but that would probably be too broken due to its high legendary-tier stats. Instead, it gets Prankster, which is a pretty useful ability. You wouldn’t think he’d need it, with his high Speed, but priority status moves are always useful to cripple your opponent or boost yourself.

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