#324 Torkoal

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Torkoal, the Coal Pokémon. Torkoal burns coal within its body to produce energy. As a defense, Torkoal is able to smoke from its nostrils and its back to confuse enemies.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Torkoal is based on a tortoise. It’s one of two non-legendary Fire types without an evolutionary relative, though I keep on thinking that it’s related to Numel and Camerupt for some reason. It’s Flannery’s signature Pokemon.

In the anime, it’s seen to be able to retract its limbs and head into its shell and use Rapid Spin.

Stat-wise, it has high Defense, the highest of all Fire types. It also has the slowest Speed of Fire types.

4 thoughts on “#324 Torkoal

  1. Isn’t the reason of you relating Torkoal with Numel and Camerupt is that they are the “only” fire Pokémon on RSE?

      1. It could also be the fact that there are three circular shapes on both Camerupt and Torkoal? Maybe 🙂

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