#435 Skuntank

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Skuntank, the Skunk Pokémon and the evolved form of Stunky. It sprays a horrible smelling liquid from the tip of its tail.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Skuntank is one of the two Poison/Dark fully evolved Pokemon. It’s a pretty good type combination, being only weak to Ground, and immune to Psychic.

Skuntank’s tail is always seen curled up on its back to its head, looking like a pompadour, haha. Its Pokedex entries say it sprays the horrible-smelling liquid from the tip of its tail, referencing skunks, but since the tip of its tail is always facing forward, does this mean that Skuntank always spray forward?

Stat-wise, it has good HP, is pretty fast, and has good Attack. I prefer Drapion for the Poison/Dark type, but Skuntank has its uses as well. It can learn two STAB physical moves, Night Slash and Poison Jab, but also learns Flamethrower by level-up (its Sp Attack is not too shabby). It also learns Explosion by level-up. Its abilities are Stench and Aftermath. Up until Gen V, Stench didn’t have an effect in battle (in Gen V, it gives 10% chance of flinch with contact moves). Aftermath is only useful in certain situations (not very useful if you have an Exploding Skuntank though).

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