#131 Lapras

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Lapras. This intellectual advanced Pokémon is able to understand human speech. With its mild temperament, Lapras prefers to carry humans on its back, rather than engage in Pokémon battles.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Lapras is one of the few Gen I Pokemon who still doesn’t have an evolutionary relative. Though being so big and its stats already good enough for a fully evolved Pokemon, if there was a relative of Lapras, it’ll likely be a baby Pokemon or pre-evolution. Lapras is one of the many Water/Ice types introduced in Gen I. Though the Ice subtype is useful for STAB Ice Beam, it also comes with Ice’s many weaknesses and one resistance that Water is already resistant to.

Lapras is the standard “surfing Pokemon”. When you surf in the games, whatever Pokemon you’re surfing with gets a Lapras silhouette. And up until the introduction of Wailmer/Wailord, I think Lapras is probably the most comfortable Pokemon to surf on.

In the anime, Ash had a Lapras during the Orange Islands arc. He used it primarily to surf on. The Lapras was big enough to carry Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Tracey. Ash let it go back to its herd at the end of the arc.

In HeartGold/SoulSilver, you can catch a Lapras in Union Cave every Friday. It’s one of the visible Pokemon that you can go up to and attempt to catch.

Stat-wise, it has the highest base stat total of non-evolving non-legendary Pokemon, and non-legendary Ice type Pokemon. It has a tonne of HP. Its Speed is rather slow, but Lapras is used more as a bulky defender than a glass cannon. It has equal Attack and Sp Attack, so it can go either way. It can learn good STAB moves like Ice Beam and Hydro Pump, as well as Thunderbolt (I still don’t really see why it can learn this) on the special side; and Ice Shard, Avalanche Waterfall, and Body Slam on the physical side. Lapras also can learn good support moves like Sing, Perish Song, and Confuse Ray. It can learn 3 of the 4 OHKO moves.

Lapras gets Water Absorb or Shell Armour for abilities. Both are pretty useful depending on your needs. But both are good for defending. It gets Hydration from the Dreamworld, which is quite useful on a Rain team, because it can use Rest and wake up right away.

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