#577 Solosis

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Solosis, the Cell Pokémon. A membrane filled with fluid surrounds Solosis’s body which allows it to live anywhere. It defeats its enemies using its formidable Psychic-type powers.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Solosis is part of the family of Pokemon based on cells. Its body has a translucent membrane around its body/face. I think that diamond thing is its mouth. If it is, then its mouth is constantly open. It doesn’t have legs, so in the anime, it’s seen to be floating. However, it doesn’t have the ability Levitate (just like Magnemite, among other floating Pokemon without Levitate ability). I guess you can argue that since it’s a Psychic type, it floats with psychic powers or something like that.

Stat-wise, it has quite high Sp Attack, especially considering it’s the first stage in a 3-stage evolution family. It’s tied with Abra for the highest Sp Attack of all unevolved Pokemon. But unlike Abra, who can only know Teleport, Solosis learns plenty of moves by level-up, including Recover, Hidden Power, and Psychic. Because it has high Sp Attack, its other stats are pretty low, especially its base 20 Speed.

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