#535 Tympole

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They warn others of danger by vibrating their cheeks to create a high-pitched sound.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

Tympole seems to be Gen V’s version of Poliwag. The combination of its eyebrows and its smile gives it a worried smile on its face. Its family takes sound-based design, Tympole looking sort of like a drum. Like Mudkip, Tympole is pure Water type that evolves into Water/Ground.

Stat-wise, its stats are pretty even, with slightly higher Speed. It can learn a lot of sound-based moves by level-up, like Uproar, Round, Supersonic and Hyper Voice. It’s one of the few Pokemon to learn Round by level-up. Its abilities Swift Swim or Hydration (though Hydration turns into Poison Touch when it evolves into Seismitoad) makes it useful on a Rain team. Its Dreamworld ability Water Absorb is useful as well.

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