#439 Mime Jr.

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Mime Jr., the Mime Pokémon. It can quickly imitate anyone it sees. It can sense people’s emotions as well, and when it senses danger it will erect a barrier, so it can escape.
– Pokemon Sapphire Pokedex

Mime Jr. is the baby form of Mr. Mime. Unlike many of the other babies that evolve by happiness, Mime Jr. evolves when leveled-up while knowing Mimic. It looks like a little clown, it always looks happy.

In the anime, James had a Mime Jr. It rarely fights, but every time Team Rocket does its motto, after Meowth says “That’s right”, Jessie’s Wobbuffet would come out and say “Wobbuffet”, and James’s Mime Jr. would follow with “Mime mime mime”.

Mime Jr. can learn many moves by level-up, the most of baby Pokemon; it can learn moves up to level 50. It has decent stats for a baby Pokemon, having good Sp Defense and Sp Attack.

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