#542 Leavanny

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Leavanny, the Nurturing Pokémon and Sewaddle’s final evolutionary form. Using sticky threads that come from its mouth, it makes clothes for Sewaddle by sewing leaves together.
– Ash’s Pokedex

I remember it was quite annoying to get Leavanny (for my Pokedex) in White, because it evolved from Swadloon by Happiness. Its type of Bug/Grass is rather terrible, 4x weak to both Fire and Flying. It looks quite happy, and a bit feminine from its dress-like tail, though it’s 50% male.

In the anime, Ash’s Swadloon recently evolved into Leavanny. In Japanese, its name is “Hahakomori”, and it goes “Haha”. It’s a pun on the Japanese word for “mother”, because it’s the Nurturing Pokemon, but from an English-speaking person’s view, it sounds like Leavanny is laughing. Leavanny likes to make clothes out of leaves for other Pokemon. Burgh’s Leavanny made leaf-clothes for Ash’s Leavanny when it was a Sewaddle, and now that it evolved, it’s making clothes for Ash and Iris’ Pokemon.

Stat-wise, it has good Attack and decent Speed, and it can learn pretty good physical Grass and Bug moves like Leaf Blade and X-Scissor.

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