#396 Starly

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Starly, the Starling Pokémon. Starly normally travels in a flock, but when alone, it is hard to notice.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Starly is Gen IV’s early Normal bird Pokemon available in every Gen. In fact, Starly appears in the Pokedex right after the starters, even before the early Bug. Starly’s game cry is rather unique, it actually sounds like a bird chirping instead of a digital sound, due to Gen IV’s advances in technology.

In the anime, Ash had a Starly (he always has the normal bird in every gen), it was his first catch in Sinnoh. It later evolved into Staravia and then Staraptor.

Stat-wise, it has good Speed and Attack. Its ability is Keen Eye, but changes to Intimidate when it evolves. It learns Quick Attack and Wing Attack quite early, and was quite useful on my Pearl team.

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