#457 Lumineon

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Lumineon, the Neon Pokémon. Lumineon lives in the ocean’s depths. It lures Pokémon by flashing light in the patterns on its tail fins.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Lumineon is one of the many fish-based Pokemon. It’s based on a butterfly fish, and is supposed to be pretty, so it learns Attract and Captivate by level-up. Looking closely at its face, it’s rather smug-looking.

Stat-wise, it’s pretty average of a Pokemon, it has decent Speed and Sp Defense. Its abilities could be useful though, either Swift Swim (making it even faster in the Rain), or Storm Drain. Storm Drain wasn’t all that useful in Gen IV, but is much better in Gen V, because it’s now immune to Water type attacks, and its Sp Attack is raised by one stage when hit by a Water move.


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