#614 Beartic

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Beartic, the Freezing Pokémon. Beartic’s frozen breath can create fangs and claws made of ice. It lives in frigid northern areas.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Beartic is one of the new pure Ice types from Gen V. The tuft of fur on its crotch looks a bit strange… XD The icicles on its chin looks kinda like a beard, even though it’s 50% female.

Stat-wise, it has good Attack and HP, but is pretty slow. It’s the only pure Ice type to learn Brine by level-up. It’s one of two Pokemon to learn Icicle Crash (new move in Gen V) by level-up, the other being Cloyster.

2 thoughts on “#614 Beartic

  1. I think the ice on Beartic’s face is from Cubchoo’s snot freezing during evolution… Eww… 😛
    (P.S. Your drawings are SO AWESOME! :D)

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