Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

I debated on whether I should make this post or not, because this blog is supposed to be only for wallpapers. But with the new news about Black 2 and White 2, I’m pretty excited and wanted to share my thoughts.


(yay I saw wild Eevee!!)

(source from Serebii)

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 is set in Unova 2 years after Black/White. You play as brand new trainers, starting in a brand new city, and have a new rival, and be part of a new story. Unlike the remakes of Emerald and Platinum, Black 2 and White 2 are new games.

Areas have been changed and updated. The construction on Route 4 has been finished, and there are new areas, including at least 2 new cities with new gym leaders (Water and Poison type). However, the east side of Unova has been covered by ice and presumably inaccessible.

Unova map from BW
source: Bulbapedia

New Unova map
source: trailer

Comparing the above two maps, it looks like the new area is south of Driftveil, and that’s where you start (?). I wonder how Black 2 and White 2 will be different from each other now, since Opelucid and White Forest/Black City look to be under ice. Would it just be the different Kyurem forms and version exclusive Pokemon?

I wonder how the gyms will work with the two new ones. Would we have 10 badges? or would some leaders be not available? From the map scan, it looks like Striaton, Nacrene, Icirrus, and maybe Opelucid are all under ice. Does that mean those leaders won’t be in this game? Actually, looking at it, Victory Road and the Pokemon League are under the ice too. Does that mean we have to befriend/calm Kyurem before we can challenge the Elite 4? Or would the Pokemon League just have moved? I was joking with some friends that maybe we’ll get a Fire type HM to melt a path through the ice, haha.

I’m also kinda excited that it won’t just be Gen V Pokemon. The Unova Pokedex has 300 Pokemon in it. No new Pokemon probably (or else either they can’t be traded back to BW, or we would’ve known about them already from the game data). And one scan has Eevee in it, so we might be able to get Eevee before beating Elite 4? 😀

Now looking at the character designs. Crazy hair is crazy XD Though the girl’s hair is kinda cute. The guy’s hair…. yeah…. XD. The rival’s outfit reminds me of Ethan/Silver. The white-haired girl is the Poison type gym leader, she’s music-themed. And the professor-guy’s hair makes me laugh XD

I hope this game has more triple and rotation battles! It’s weird how you barely have a chance to do triple battles in BW, when they advertized it so much before it came out, whereas in Gen III when double battles were first introduced, they were like everywhere. I want a triple battle subway so I can test out my Weather Disasters team (a Rain team, with Surf/Muddy Water, Earthquake, Thunder, and Hurricane).

I wonder if we’ll see any old characters, like Professor Juniper (will she give you your Pokemon once again? But Nuvema is now under ice, would she have moved to the new starting town?), Bianca and Cheren, or the BW player characters. Or N and Ghetsis (he was never found in BW). And since this is set 2 years after BW, do you think the elite 4 members would change? and would Alder still be champion? (even though you beat him, you should be champion XD)

So what do you think? Are you gonna get this game?

7 thoughts on “Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

  1. each generation, i get thrill from seeing all the new pokemon
    i think the whole idea about unova being frozen is interesting though so im definately going to get it! …. plus, im a pokemon fanboy 😉

    1. Yeah, I’m happy that they’re changing the setting, adding/removing stuff so it’s not just a straight remake. I wasn’t sure when I first heard about it, but I think I’m gonna get it now that I know it’s a sequel.

  2. Definitely gonna buy on preorder! I noticed you stopped doing your comments on the daily posts. I guess that could be time consuming but they were fun to read! Best blog ever!

    1. ooh I wonder if they’ll have pre-order bonuses. I regret not pre-ordering HeartGold for the Ho-oh and Lugia figures…

      and yeah, sorry, I’ve been kinda busy/lazy. I do want to go back and fill them in, I promise!

  3. love your blog, i’m SO
    getting the game! knowing Unova is under ice scares me,
    and i also think you have to calm kuyrem, but mabye calm Black/White kuyrem! [again, love your blog!]

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