#74 Geodude

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Geodude, the Rock Pokémon. Geodude is often found on mountain roads with half of its body buried in the ground so it can observe mountain travelers.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Geodude, along with Zubat, has been the staple Cave Pokemon for 4 generations. In almost any cave, you’ll be able to find Geodude, and sometimes outside and around caves as well. They’re good grinding fodder for Grass or Water starters, since it’s doubly weak to both.

Despite being name “Geodude”, the species is 50% female. I name any female Geodudes that I catch “Geogal”. I like Geodude’s Gen I sprite, such a cool pose XD

Geodudes are used by all Rock type Gym Leaders. It’s like the staple of “Rock type”, even though it’s not pure Rock but Rock/Ground. It has no legs, and the sprites (and the anime) seem to indicate that it floats (and that’s how it moves without legs), even though it doesn’t have Levitate nor can it learn Magnet Rise. Like Magnemite and family, Geodude looks like it’s floating but is actually weak to Ground. Gotta love Pokemon logic.

Stat-wise, it has a lot of Defense, more than some fully evolved Pokemon. It also has pretty good Attack. But it lacks Sp Defense and HP, and is really slow (since it’s based on a rock). It only learns Ground, Rock, and Normal moves by level-up. It’s one of the Pokemon who learns Self-Destruct and Explosion by level-up, in fact, Geodude is the first Pokemon in National Dex order to learn those two moves.

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