#286 Breloom

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Breloom, the Mushroom Pokémon. Its short arms stretch when it throws punches, and its technique is as good as a professional boxer.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Breloom was the only Grass/Fighting type until Gen V introduced Virizion. It’s not the best combination, since it’s doubly weak to Flying, but Fighting didn’t have many type combination variations, so it was something different.

Breloom’s abilities are both quite useful. Effect Spore can become an annoyance to opponents, and Poison Heal, an ability that was unique to its family, protects it from other statuses as well as give it healing every turn without using Leftovers. I had a Poison Heal Breloom, I gave it the Toxic Orb so it gets poisoned every battle. It had Spore, Substitute, Focus Punch, and Seed Bomb.

Stat-wise, Breloom has pretty high Attack, the highest of Grass types. But it’s a bit on the slow side to be a sweeper, and its defenses aren’t the greatest. However, it can learn Mach Punch to counter its poor Speed. Breloom can learn Spore (level-up as a Shroomish), the best sleep-inducing moves. This gives Breloom a chance to use Focus Punch while the opponent sleeps, so it doesn’t get hit and lose its focus. Substitute is good in combination with Focus Punch, because if the Substitute is up while the user is using Focus Punch, the user won’t take damage and lose focus.

Breloom also learns Mind Reader and Dynamic Punch, which makes a good combination if you can pull it off, since Dynamic Punch has 100% chance to confuse, and Mind Reader helps with Dynamic Punch’s 50% accuracy.

Aside from high power attacking moves, Breloom learns many status moves as well, like Leech Seed, and Stun Spore. Or it has access to Force Palm, which has a 30% chance to paralyze.

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