#29 Nidoran♀

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Nidoran♀. Its poison pin is quite powerful for its size, but its horn is smaller than a male’s.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Nidoran♀ is 100% female, and the counterpart to Nidoran♂. The two seem like they should be the same species, but they’re technically not. However, an egg produced by Nidoran♀ has a chance of becoming Nidoran♂. Shiny Nidoran♀’s colours are that of Nidoran♂.

Speaking of breeding, Nidoran♀ is the only member of her family to be able to breed. For some odd reason, Nidoran♀ loses her ability to breed when she evolves.

Stat-wise, it has Defense and HP as its highest stats, but other than that, it’s not that remarkable, being not fully evolved and all. One of its abilities Poison Point makes it annoying to fight in the wild, as well as the fact that most wild Nidoran♀ have Poison Sting.

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