#625 Bisharp

I got Pokemon Conquest today, so putting up Bisharp, since it’s based on a knight.

1920×1200 | 1920×1080 | 1600×1200


1920×1200 | 1920×1080 | 1600×1200


It leads a group of Pawniard. It battles to become the boss, but will be driven from the group if it loses.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

3 thoughts on “#625 Bisharp

  1. I like to play this one with sucker punch, it has a very good attack base stat but quite a low speed : all the good things for sucker punch.

  2. Um, call me a chess expert, but I’m fairly certain that Pawniard is based on a pawn, and Bisharp is based on a… bishop…

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