#495 Snivy

Today’s my birthday, so I’m putting up one of my fave starters, Snivy

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Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon. Cool, calm, and collected, Snivy uses photosynthesis to collect energy with the leaf on its tail.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Snivy is my favourite of the Gen V starters. I’m not usually a fan of Grass types, maybe it’s the smug look on its face, but I quite like Snivy. I remember before the English version of Black/White came out, people were saying how its name should be “Smugleaf”, and thus were disappointed in the name Snivy.

I picked Snivy as my White starer, and his name is Smugleaf. I liked his Speed and decent Defenses, though offensively it lacked a good STAB move until it learned Leaf Blade. He also had Coil (which is an awesome boosting move), Aerial Ace, and Return.

In the anime, Ash has a Snivy that he caught in the wild (only in the anime are there wild starters). That Snivy is female, has Attract, and is suitably snooty, though she’s also quite smart and resourceful.

Stat-wise, it has good Speed and decent Defenses. I can’t wait for the release of Snivy with its Dreamworld ability, because Contrary in combination with Leaf Storm seems pretty awesome =D

23 thoughts on “#495 Snivy

  1. Wow, you made a few of these today, on your birthday? You’re a better person than I. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe I’m just finding these now! These are awesome! Can you make Archeops, Tentacruel, Durant, and Swampert in the near future?! I tried making Archeops just now myself… and it turned out like shit. :/ http://i.imgur.com/YNhul.png for refernece.. lolol. Microsoft paint FTW, my photoshop doesn’t work anymore. >.< Reuniclus would also be awesome!

  3. Hey dude I really like your work and I’m hoping to have a cool poster for my room reminding me of my favorite pokemon as a kid which was sandshrew. I don’t know that much about your system (or actually where to make a request) but if you feel like making a sandshrew drawing you’d be making me very happy! One that has sandshrew & sandslash together as an evolutionary thing would also be extrodinary but I fear that may be asking to much. Way to keep up the hard work! (I’m telling all my friends about your awesome sight.)

  4. In my White version, I had a Snivy named Leafy. He is now a Serperior and is hardcore to prove Snivy,Servine and Serperior is superior that they’re leaf blade is cool even though attack is low. Leafy has:
    Leaf Blade(Crits will hit easliy)
    Coil(hey, it’s a snake on a plate. HEY, I was RIGHT there was a snake on a plate!)
    Giga Drain(it’s a rash natured one, so hit hard)
    Solarbeam( another one where Serperior hit hard too)
    When White 2 comes, I’m going to get a Contrary,female NAUGHTY natured Snivy who its going to be Leafchu. Her future moveset is: Leaf Blade
    Aerial Ace
    Iron Tail

  5. Your work is rlly so amazing!! But you’re still sort of missing a few Pokemon…
    I’ll list them, but please make them!! You’re walls r so good and I bet u could make even more of ur walls!
    Here r some of the pokemon u should do

    •Mega Mewtwo X
    •Mega Mewtwo Y
    •Lycanroc (Midday form, Dusk form, Dawn form and Midnight form.)

    Thx so much!!
    Keep up the great work
    I wouldn’t hv a screensaver if it wasn’t for u..! 😁

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