Bonus – Johto Starters

1920×1200 | 1920×1080 | 1600×1200


Bonus wallpaper!

So yeah, I kinda took an unexpected hiatus from wallpaper-making and blog-maintaining ^^; Instead of trying to catch up (and thus flooding with multiple posts), I think I’ll just start posting tomorrow (Aug 3rd). Thanks for your patience etc etc.

Meanwhile, have a wallpaper of the Johto starters!

p.s. To those requesting Mewtwo, I’m saving it for the end, since it seems to be an appropriate “last Pokewall”

4 thoughts on “Bonus – Johto Starters

  1. Please make the wallpapers of castform and beautifly…pretty please ^_^
    Thanks…I really love your artworks…

  2. But… butt… I like the floods. 😦 Also, finish all the generations starters (and evolutions), please! 😀 Great job!

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