#272 Ludicolo

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Ludicolo, the Carefree Pokémon. If Ludicolo hears festive music, all its muscles fill with energy. It can’t help breaking into a dance.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Ludicolo has a pretty good typing of Water/Grass, which makes it resistant or neutral to a lot of common attacks (like Water, Grass, Fire, and Electric). Its abilities are Swift Swim or Rain Dish, which are both very useful on a rain team. Ludicolo works well on a rain team due to its abilities, but also as counters to Electric and Grass type moves that a water team would be weak to.

Ludicolo has a pretty funny-looking design. It looks like a dancing pineapple with a sombrero.

I’ve been playing through Pokemon XD recently, and in that game (and Colosseum), Miror B has a bunch of Ludicolo that dance to his theme song.

In the anime, Brock had a Ludicolo, though it didn’t appear too much after it evolved into Ludicolo. I find it kind of funny that Brock has a Water/Grass type Pokemon, since both Onix and Geodude are deathly weak to Water and Grass.

Stat-wise, it has good Sp Defense and Sp Attack. Its Speed is rather average, but with Swift Swim, can be quite fast. I had a Ludicolo on my Battle Subway doubles rain team with Giga Drain, Scald, Leech Seed and Rain Dance. But Ludicolo is quite versatile and can either play an offensive or defensive/support role. It can learn many HP healing and draining moves like Leech Seed and Giga Drain, combined with Rain Dish and Leftovers, it can be quite annoying if you can’t defeat it quickly. Its Attack stat is decent, and can learn many good physical moves. If you support it with Swords Dance, Ludicolo can be a decent physical attacker as well.

1 thought on “#272 Ludicolo

  1. Yay! You’re back!

    Also, um, if you feel like doing it, could you do Articuno sometime?

    I remember my Ludicolo back in my Sapphire version team. :3 I loved him almost as much as my starter.

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