#646 Kyurem (Black)

In celebration of Black 2/White 2’s English release a week from now, this week I’ll be posting a week of the new formes of the legendaries that got new formes. Starting off will be Black Kyurem, the version mascot of Pokemon Black 2.

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This legendary ice Pokémon waits for a hero to fill in the missing parts of its body with truth or ideals.
– Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Pokedex

Black Kyurem is a fusion of Kyurem and Zekrom, and the version mascot of Pokemon Black 2. Since I haven’t read anything about the game (avoiding spoilers), I don’t know how you get it or anything. It has Zekrom’s ability of Teravolt, and can learn Fusion Bolt, Zekrom’s (former) signature move. It also has the signature move Freeze Shock, an Ice move that can paralyze (since Zekrom is Electric type). It can’t learn Glaciate, normal Kyurem’s signature move though.

Black Kyurem, like normal Kyurem, is quite asymmetrical. One side has features of Kyurem and the other has features from Zekrom. Its chin is also very very pointy.

Stat-wise, it has the second-highest base stat total, after Arceus. It has massive Attack, at 170, it’s second to Attack form Deoxys. It seems rather overpowered, because it can learn high-powered physical moves like Fusion Bolt, Freeze Shock, and Outrage. It has relatively low Speed and Sp Defense though.

3 thoughts on “#646 Kyurem (Black)

  1. You were actually the person who told me that Pokemon Black/White 2 was coming out. Now, only a week awaits us …. I can’t wait! 😀

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