Journey in Unova – Part 1

Instead of posting wallpapers this week, I’ll be posting my adventures in Unova in White 2.

Day 1 – Start to 2nd Gym

Before I picked up the game on Sunday, I went to an official Pokemon release event. I wore my Candice cosplay and Glaceon hat, which a lot of people complimented me on. The event was mostly for kids, there were colouring sheets, origami sheets, and demo versions of Pokemon Black 2/White 2 and Dream Radar for trying out. There was also a giant Pikachu walking around.

So, Pokemon White 2. There was an option to import save file data from my White game. Doing that unlocks “flashbacks” during certain events, so I imported my file.

The starting screen, Professor Juniper tells me about the wonderful world of Pokemon, and asks me to tell her about myself, she still can’t tell if I’m a boy or a girl. Anyway, I picked Girl, and named myself “Suzuna”, which is Candice’s Japanese name. As for the rival, I named him “Ashnard”, because I’ve been playing through Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn lately, so yeah…

Anyway, the game starts, mom gets a phone call from the professor, and tells me to go meet Bianca to get my first Pokemon. On my way there, I meet your rival / boy next door (aka Ashnard). The starting town, Aspertia, is huge compared to other game’s starting towns. There are a lot of houses, no Pokemon labratories, and gasp, a Pokemon Center!

Upon meeting Bianca, who’s now the Professor’s assistant, I get to pick your starter, yay! Which one to pick… I used Snivy in White, and Tepig in Black (my nuzlocking game), so this time, I went with Oshawott. I named him “Motochika”, after the warlord of Fontaine (the water country) in Pokemon Conquest (I’ve been playing a lot of Conquest in the past couple of months). He is Adamant, which is oddly fitting for his name.

Pokemon adventure go time! Before you leave town, mom gives you a pair of running shoes. Yay, how nice of her to give me running shoes so early on. Ashnard’s sister hands me two town maps, one for me and one to give to Ashnard. I head up north on route 19 to chase after Ashnard to give him the map.

After being shown how to catch Pokemon by Bianca, I head off towards Floccesy Town, encountering and catching some Patrats and Purrloins on the way. My policy is to try and catch any Pokemon I haven’t caught when I first encounter it, but unless I have a reason to, I don’t usually grind to catch all the Pokemon I can on a route.

Anyway, just as I’m about to enter Floccesy, Alder jumps down from the cliff and stops me in my tracks. That’s an awfully high cliff he just jumped down from, hope he didn’t hurt himself. Alder has a pretty awesome theme. Alder tells me that he lives in Floccesy, and would like to help me train, and leads me through Floccesy (which is a tiny town with not much in it) to his house, but he wants me to give the map to my friend first. So instead, I head over to Floccesy Ranch (the path forward is blocked by someone saying I need my first badge to go past).

At the Ranch, Ashnard is there. The owners tell us that one of their Herdiers is missing. Ashnard gets quite upset about it, and insists we go look for it. The ranch has cute Mareeps in the overworld map. There, I caught a modest Mareep named Mreep, as well as a sassy Riolu I named Ike (after Fire Emblem character).

We find the Herdier in the corner of the ranch, along with a Team Plasma guy. Hey look, Team Plasma is back! I don’t get to fight him though; he just walks away.

When I get back to Floccesy, instead of training me, Alder makes me fight two kids. I went behind his house, but there was nothing there. I’m thinking it’s where Keldeo learns his special move or something. I’m told the gym in Aspertia is open, and I should go challenge it. Will do Alder.

As I walk out of Alder’s house, a guy ambushes me and gives me a Medal case. He then proceeds to tell me about the medal system, which is pretty much an achievement system for doing stuff in the game. Yay! I like collecting achievements. Many medals I can get just by doing stuff in the game, like running a certain number of steps, healing my Pokemon, saving etc. But there are medals that award me for doing things I don’t normally do, like looking inside trash cans (I actually found an antidote in one), and reading trainer tips.

First gym time! The gym is in your starting town (gasp)! It’s behind the trainer school, and is pretty simple and straight forward, no puzzles or any obstacles to go through. Cheren is the first gym leader, taking over the Normal gym from Lenora. His gym is pretty easy, Basic Badge get!

Onward to gym 2! Before that though, Bianca comes to upgrade my Pokedex. It now has a Habitat mode, where I can see the Pokemon I’ve seen and caught on each route; I can get a stamp when I catch all the Pokemon that can be found on the route. That’s handy. I also get the C-gear, yay! The interface looks a lot different, not sure if I like the new one…

Arriving at Virbank, I witness a conversation between Roxie and her dad, where Roxie is exasperated at his lack of responsibility. I like her already. before going to challenge the gym, I go south to the Virbank Complex to train a bit. The area is smaller than I expected; I thought I can go inside buildings. Caught a Growlithe, the Fire type would be handy.

After exploring, I go to challenge the gym. Roxie’s gym’s front is rather small, and upon entering, I go down a flight of stairs to a stage, where Roxie and her band are jamming to a song about Pokemon. Her gym is one of the smallest gyms I’ve seen. The other trainers are her two bandmates. It’s pretty unique I suppose. I’ve already seen her gym from the Pokemon Best Wishes anime.

Toxic Badge get! After getting the badge, I get scouted to visit Pokéstar Studios. Yay I get to make movies!


Now I want to write about my impressions of the game in general. First of all, I like that there are lots of new areas added. Looking at the Town Map, aside from the starting area, the Grand Chasm and Undella have a lot of new areas added around there.

The user interface looks different. For example, Pokemon information text (like HP for example) looks italicized. When you enter a new area, the on-screen label looks different. I think I prefer how it was in Black/White though. The diagonal line on the background of the label and the italicized text look too pixelated to me.

The C-Gear looks a lot different now. Instead of areas, now you get three circles positioned on the radius of rippling circles (lol does that even make sense). I guess all of my old C-gear skins I got from the Dreamworld can’t be used for this anymore. I don’t like those circle lines on the C-gear, makes it too cluttered, and there’s no room for any background images. I also don’t like how the actual menu (eg “infrared” “online”) icons are so tiny. The C-gear menus also got new fonts, which I thought was a bit unnecessary; I liked the old interface better.

The bag now has an added area, “Free slot”, which you can add items to. This is very handy; I put my often-used items (healing and status healing items) in there, so they won’t get lost in my bag among the other things.

On the party Pokemon screen, I like how you can move items from one Pokemon to another. This is a godsend, it makes moving Exp Share and Amulet Coin so much easier, because you don’t have to send it back to the bag, and try to find it again. One thing that’s lacking is that when you pick a Pokemon, it doesn’t show you what its held item is, unless you view the Pokemon summary. I think HeartGold/SoulSilver had that feature, and it was very useful, because I can see who has what item from the party Pokemon screen.

I was disappointed to see that the Pokemon PC still has “Deposit” as the first option instead of “Move”, grrr. I do like the new “move multiple Pokemon at the same time” option though.

I think that’s all I want to note for now. More later.

(To be continued…)

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      1. sept. 5th is my birthday, so can you post shiny emboar for me as late prez?? he is blue. look him up, please…. this would make my day. PLEASE post it… thanks…

        [please note this shouldn’t be personal… ;/]

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    1. I got White 2 because I played White. My boyfriend is playing through Black 2 ’cause he played Black. The difference is kind of minimal though, don’t really care about version exclusive Pokemon since I have them all in White anyway XD

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