Journey in Unova – Part 2

Day 2 – 2nd Gym to 3rd Gym

Where were we… ah yes, I just beat Roxie’s gym and got recruited by some guy from Pokestar Studios.

I’m being shown the areas of the studios, and met with Roxie’s dad, Pop Roxie, who wants to be a star like his daughter. We watch his movie, Riolu-man, it was pretty bad and the audience was all confused. Pop Roxie decides that he should probably get back to his real job, since he sucks at making movies.

After that, I’m towed to where the movies are made, and am forced to try making a movie (seriously, the guy wouldn’t let me leave until I made my first movie). Before that though, I explored the building, found a vending machine, and spent a good 5mins vending; Fresh Waters and Soda Pops and Lemonades are my fave healing items after all.

On to movie-making. My co-star is none other than the (former) Ice gym leader Brycen. Remember Brycen? You probably don’t, since he didn’t have much of a personality or say much in the last game. Anyway, he’s apparently a huge star, and is playing the “villain” in the movie “Riolu girl” that I’m making.

The movie-making process is pretty much like a battle, I have to pick the right moves at the right times, interspersed with one-line dialogue choices I have to make (even though I never say anything in the game ever). It reminds me a bit of the Battle CDs from Pokemon XD (which I finished not so long ago), where I have to pick the right moves at the right time to complete it. Though it’s probably much more lenient than the Battle CDs, since I could use my own Pokemon.

After shooting the movie, I get to sit through a few minutes to watch my movie. I think the audience liked it, it apparently made 34mil in box office. Hey where’s my share?! Is that how Pokestar Studio works? Pick random trainers off the streets, have them shoot blockbuster movie, and pay them in compliments (and a medal) only? Not that I need money, I make more than enough beating up other trainers, but still, I feel ripped off.

Upon returning to Virbank from Pokestar Studios, I encounter some Team Plasma grunts looking for trouble. Roxie, Ashnard and I take them on in Pokemon battles. Yay my first Team Plasma battle!

The theme song seems to have gotten an awesome remix. I totally just let my DS sit there for several minutes, listening to the song, before beating down the poor grunt with his one weak Pokemon.

After chasing away Team Plasma, Pop Roxie goes back to work, which means I can take the boat to Castelia.

Ah good ol’ Castelia, with its way too catchy theme. Upon entering the city, I’m given a bicycle, hurray, no more running everywhere! Now to explore everywhere and talk to everyone. At least I don’t have to run through Castelia like I had to in White. Beat up lots of trainers in the city, and got an Exp Share from the same Janitor guy in the Battle Club. I even went to Liberty Island. There was nothing there, no trainers, no Pokemon. Victini’s room is still there. That reminds me, I still haven’t actually caught that Victini in White (I was using it to EV train for HP xD), oh well, I got another one from the event for Pokedex.

As I pass by the gym, I run into Iris (she sure spends a lot of time in Castelia, and not at her gym in Opelucid..), who tells me Burgh is away. What else is new. Seriously, gym leaders should be responsible and stay in their gyms, it’s annoying for challengers to have to hunt them down!

Something about suspicious activity in the city, and I have to go to the sewers to investigate. The Castelia Sewers is a new area, so I am curious to explore it. Ashnard comes with me, and helps to heal my Pokemon, how nice of him. Except.. I can’t catch any Pokemon, because his Servine just kills anything I try to catch, argh. There are lots of Zubats and Rattatas down here, the “annoying” Pokemon, yay. I bet there are Tentacools in the water too.

I encounter some Team Plasma grunts up to their shenanigens, chase them off with my superior Pokemon and battling skills, and from the inner depths of the sewers, appears that scientist guy with the weird hair that was previewed before the game came out. His name is Colress, and he mumbled something about bringing out the potential of Pokemon. Burgh also emerges from the depths of the sewers, acting kind of suspicious, saying something like “there’s nothing to see here, I’ll go back to my gym now”. Why was he in the sewers in the first place? Hmm….

After that, Ashnard left, so I was free to explore the sewers, and the bit of Relic passage I can access without Surf. There, I caught a Zubat and named her Vampella. So far, she’s the only female Pokemon on my team, haha. She already has Wing Attack, that’ll be helpful against Burgh. I also found a Leftovers. That’s pretty early, I remember usually you don’t get Leftovers until late in the game.

Gym time! Fresh Water guy (aka Clyde) greets me as usual, and hands me a Fresh Water. Looks like Burgh remodeled his gym. Instead of those annoying sticky honeycomb walls, now there’s cocoon elevators everywhere. Burgh, your gym is ridiculous. I’m not sure which is more ridiculous, this one or the old one. Burgh himself is hidden at the top inside a giant cocoon. There’s paint buckets everywhere, and spilt paint on the floor. Now Burgh, I know you’re an artist and all, but would it kill you to clean up a bit? I don’t want to get paint on my running shoes you know.

Vampella championed through his gym, with some help from Motochika against Dwebble. Insect Badge get! Burgh hands me the TM for Struggle Bug, which he didn’t even have a chance to use, before his Pokemon fainted, haha.

Onward north! I get ambushed by Colress just as I’m about to get out of Castellia. Though he’s courteous enough to not actually battle me right then and there, instead telling me he’s waiting for me on Route 4.

Speaking of ambushing, the rival in this game doesn’t ambush you outside of gyms to challenge you anymore. He’s more your friend than your rival. His mannerisms reminds me of Barry from DPPt, always rushing everywhere.


I can’t say I like the movies, but they’re better than the musicals at least. And I think there’s a medal for completing them, so I’ll probably come back after elite 4 to do them.

I like that there’s new areas within old areas to explore. Most of Castelia is the same as it was “two years ago” in White, so the addition of the sewers was nice, though a lot of it can’t be accessed right now ’cause you need Surf.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I caught an Eevee!! Yay wild Eevee!! I’m not sure if I’m going to use it for my game team; Eeveelutions are awesome, but unfortunately don’t lean many good (or varied) moves by level-up, and the good moves they do learn, they learn at pretty high levels. Oh well….

(To be continued…)

3 thoughts on “Journey in Unova – Part 2

  1. already beat drayden, trying to beat last leader! caught genesect,tornadus, thundrus, and cobalion! almost got virizion, fainted by cobalion’s awesome sacred sword…. watch out for Marlon’s jellicent, can use recover [healing move] and scald. by the way, shiny virizion wallpaper would be AWESOME!!!!! love Pokewalls, can’t get enough. till next time MapleRose, big fan of yours!! ;]


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