#493 Arceus

Hi, I’m back! Sorry for going MIA, stuff happened IRL, I mostly got distracted by White 2, preparing for an art show, Professor Layton, Wii U, among other things. Here’s Arceus. I’m just doing the normal forme, too lazy to do all 17 formes.

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It is said to have emerged from an egg in a place where there was nothing, then shaped the world.
– Pokemon Platinum Pokedex

Arceus is supposedly a god. Appropriately, it has the highest base stat total, with 120 in each stat, with a total of 720. Its ability Multitype allows it to change its typing depending on the Plate it holds. Because of Arceus and its Plate though, subsequent games must also have these 16 Plates (one for each type except Normal).

Arceus can learn all of the HMs, being one of the three Pokemon able to learn all HMs (the other two are Mew and Smeargle).

I actually have a legit Arceus, from the Dreamworld event (where it was voted as the most popular Pokemon people wanted, personally I voted for Ho-Oh, ’cause I wanted Regenerator Ho-Oh).

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