#395 Empoleon

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The three horns that extend from its beak attest to its power. The leader has the biggest horns.
– Pokemon Diamond Pokedex

Empoleon is the fully evolved form of the 4th Gen starter. I picked Piplup in my Platinum game, so I had an Empoleon named Pingu. Empoleon’s typing of Water/Steel is unique, the combination is pretty good I think; the Steel adds a lot of resistances, though it adds the unfortunate weaknesses to Ground and Fighting.

4 thoughts on “#395 Empoleon

  1. Funny thing about Empoleon, a penguin-based Pokémon, being part-Steel:

    I hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, also known as the Steel City because of the steel industry’s impact on the city’s growth.

    Our hockey team is the Penguins. Because of Empoleon’s Steel part, he reminds me of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I bet that, if Pokémon existed in real life, the Pens would have an Empoleon as a mascot.

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