#656 Froakie

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Pokedex entry TBA

Froakie is the Water starter for Gen VI. Not sure what it’ll evolve into, or what type for that matter. Would it be Water/Fighting like Poliwrath? Or Water/Ground like Seismitoad? Or just pure Water? Only time will tell.

I like how the white circles on its nose look like tiny glasses. Adding the white clump of “hair” on its back, it looks like a genius scientist sort.


4 thoughts on “#656 Froakie

  1. Froakie is one of the pokemon I have mixed feelings about. I mean, Greninja is a good competive Water type but it doesn’t do well at the maingame ( does terrible at 5 gyms). I can’t decide whether or not to choose Froakie or Fennekin in Pokèmon Y as my starter pokèmon.

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