Bonus – Experience gain challenge

Did something fun today:

Trying to get the most experience gain, and most level gain, at once.

In White 2 White Tree Hollow, I’m fighting against a level 82 trainer Blissey (which yields the most experience), using a level 1 traded Happiny (because it’s in the Fast growing group) holding a Lucky Egg, using Exp boost +3, and defeating the Blissey with a level 100 Pokemon.

The result is a LOT of experience =D

Though I wonder if the number is capped though, because I did some calculating afterwards, and I should have gotten a lot more.

5 thoughts on “Bonus – Experience gain challenge

  1. XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD i did a little something like that, but my happiny only got lvl. 26….. XD
    that was freakin awesome by the way. want to trade one day? i got a lvl 100 japanese swoobat!

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