Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos, Mega fabulous. Although I can’t unsee its hair and especially its tail as an ice cream sundae with cherries.

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Massive amounts of energy intensely stimulated Ampharos’s cells, apparently awakening its long-sleeping dragon’s blood.
– Pokémon Ultra Moon Pokédex

Ampharos Mega-evolves into Mega Ampharos via some (as of yet) unknown method. It becomes Electric/Dragon, and has Mold Breaker. Presumably its stats will increase too, though we don’t know how much yet.

It’s a bit weird for Ampharos to gain the Dragon subtype, since nothing in its design really says “dragon” to me. The only relevance I see is that its Japanese name is “Denryu“, and ryu could mean “dragon” (ie its Japanese name could mean “electric dragon”).

I don’t know if Mold Breaker is more useful than Static though (man I loved Static on my Amphy). I guess Mega Ampharos can hit Volt Absorb Lanturn for neutral damage now? lol And while Dragon comes with some resistances, none of it cover Electric’s only weakness to Ground, and it comes with a couple of weaknesses as well.

There’s so much we don’t know about mega evolutions. Even though it’s called “evolution”, it feels more like a forme change to me, a temporary one at that, where it only lasts during the battle. It kinda reminds me of Zen Mode Darmanitan actually.

Since they’are called “evolutions”, do you think they’ll have their own Pokedex entry? Do you need them for Pokedex completion? Or will they just use the Pokedex numbers of their normal counterparts? For now, I won’t give these wallpapers or posts numbers. If they are just a form change and not technically new Pokemon, do they count as Gen 6 Pokemon? Hmm….

So yeah, what do you guys think of Mega evolutions?

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