Mega Charizard Y

Mega Charizard, rawr!!

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Its wings can carry this Pokémon close to an altitude of 4,600 feet. It blows out fire at very high temperatures.
– Pokémon Y Pokédex

I’m so excited!!!! Totally getting that Red 3DS XL

Mega Charizard!! It was revealed today in the Pokemon direct that all 3 Gen I starters will get Mega evolutions, and that you get to pick one in X/Y. I dunno who to pick!! I’m picking Fennekin as my starter, but I also want Mega Charizard and Mega Blaziken, but I only want one Fire type… #firstworldproblems lol

I know, I’ll use an all Fire team! With Fennekin’s final form, Charizard, Blaziken, Talonflame, Litleo’s final form, and something that can Surf as an HM slave

While I did feel like they’re giving these guys Mega Evolutions as fanservice, I’m not complaining (on that note, can we have Mega eeveelutions next? =D) My first Pokemon game was FireRed, and I started with Charmander. I guess it was my first Pokemon ever, so it has a special place for me.

According to the official site, Mega Charizard’s ability is Drought, and its Sp Attack is increased. As awesome as that sounds, I’m still a bit worried that Mega evolutions will break the game balance. I guess we’ll have to see…

Design-wise, Mega Charizard has gotten more pointy, with spikes added everywhere. It looks more slender and more like a Dragon. Makes me wonder why it’s not Fire/Dragon like it’s obviously supposed to be. This would’ve been the perfect opportunity to make it Fire/Dragon. Or is that type combination too overpowered? Though it seems that you’d have to mega evolve after bringing the Pokemon out, so poor Mega Charizard still gets its HP halved by Stealth Rock.

6 thoughts on “Mega Charizard Y

  1. Apparently u r only allowed one mega pokemon per battle, so other than the fact that every major competitor will have one of these pokemon on it it shouldn’t be too game breaking. And mewtwo’s already banned in tournaments anyway 🙂

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