Mega Charizard X

So apparently the previously revealed Mega Charizard was not the only Mega Charizard. That was Mega Charizard Y. Charizard has an X Mega form as well (much like Mega Mewtwo)

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When expelling a blast of superhot fire, the red flame at the tip of its tail burns more intensely.
– Pokémon X Pokédex

Mega Charizard X is finally made Dragon type! After so many years. Though I’m not sure why only the X one is Dragon type, whereas the Y one is still Fire/Flying. I don’t think this form looks any more like a dragon than the other one…. If the game wasn’t already done a while ago, I’d accuse Gamefreak of making this mega evolution after listening to fan outcry that the previously revealed Mega Charizard was still not Dragon type, lol.

It’s the only mega evolutions we’ve seen so far that has a drastic change in colour scheme. Mega Charizard X’s colours look like shiny Charizard’s (‘cept shiny Charizard is black and red instead of black and blue), which makes me wonder what shiny Mega Charizard X looks like.

It was seen in a trailer to participate in a Sky Battle, despite it no longer being part Flying, nor have Levitate. So I wonder if there’s just a list of Pokemon that can participate in Sky Battles regardless of whether it’s Flying type or has Levitate. It obviously has wings and can fly, but like Beedrill, Venomoth and Dustox, can now be hit by Ground type moves.

Unfortunately, because you have to switch into Charizard before mega evolving, Mega Charizard X will still have half of its HP taken by Stealth Rocks. At least it resists Electric now, at a cost of being weak to Dragon.

Its ability is Tough Claws, which increases the power of contact moves. Its Attack stat is increased when mega evolving.

Design-wise, I think I like the design of Mega Charizard Y better. The flames around Mega Charizard X’s mouth looks cool in static art, but having them permanently be there when it’s a 3D model looks weird… makes it look like it has whiskers or something, haha. I also dislike the wings, they look far less badass than Charizard and Mega Charizard Y’s wings.

Now that Charizard has two mega forms, I wonder if Blastoise and Venusaur also have alternate Mega forms (and I’d have to go back to edit those posts too *grumble grumble*), or if they’re playing favourites with Charizard.

5 thoughts on “Mega Charizard X

  1. Some Pokémon deserve to have 3 types. As you said, Mega Charizard X, Beedrill, Venomoth and Dustox – and then there are Lugia, Latios and Latias as well.

  2. I really am torn between both Mega Charizards. I prefer Yveltal to Xerneas but I like the color scheme to Mega Charizard X. Don’t even have a 3DS yet , so I guess I have plenty of time to choose.

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