#716 Xerneas

Happy X and Y release day!

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Legends say it can share eternal life. It slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its revival.
– Pokemon X Pokedex

Xerneas is the mascot legendary of Pokemon X, appearing on the boxart. Before we knew its type, there were rumours about it being Light type. I am a bit disappointed that it’s pure Fairy type though, was hoping for Ground Fairy or something.

I don’t care what people say about Yveltal looking cooler, I love Xerneas’s design when I first saw it (which is why I’m getting X). I mean, it has rainbow horns!! (I love rainbows) And it has swords for feet, haha.

I was surprised when I first saw Xerneas without the rainbow horns. It seems that the rainbow horns are only when it’s in Active mode. I love the area that you fight Xerneas, it’s all sparkly and rainbow and stuff (I wish I took a picture of it…). When I was fighting it, I got it down to red and had it paralyzed. When I went to throw balls at it, I realized I only had like 10 Ultra balls on me, and I thought I might have to reset. But I caught it with the first Ultra Ball I threw. Easiest Legendary capture ever (maybe partly because it’s scripted).

It is a Pokemon that gives life, to contrast Yveltal that takes life. Its signature move Geomancy raises Sp Attack, Sp Def, and Speed by two stages over two turns, basically like using Quiver Dance twice.

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