#700 Sylveon

And finally, Sylveon. This post took so long because when I started making Sylveon, I realized that my style in making these wallpapers have changed since I started almost 3 years ago. The other eeveelution wallpapers were the first ones that I made, and were a lot more simplistic than my style now.

So I was undecided about how to make Sylveon. On the one hand, I want it to match the style of the other eeveelutions, but on the other hand, I want it to match the newer style.

The decision I ended up with was to update all the other eeveelution wallpapers with the newer more detailed style. Instead of making new posts for each eeveelution again, I just updated the old posts with the new images. Also, I’m not updating Eevee or the eeveelution collages, because I think they look fine with the old style. Here’s the eeveelution tag to find all those posts. (also, the updated versions aren’t in the archives yet, I’ll get to that later)

And that’s why this Sylveon post took so long.

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Alt version:

1920×1200 | 1920×1080 | 1600×1200


It sends a soothing aura from its ribbonlike feelers to calm fights.
– Pokemon X Pokedex

Sylveon is one of the first Pokemon revealed from X and Y. I guess it could be considered the non-legendary mascot of Gen 6, like Lucario and Zorua/Zoroak, being featured in the animated short before the Genesect movie.

Even though it was made clear that Sylveon is an eeveelution, its type was kept secret for some time. People thought it was Flying type (that was my thought), Fighting type, Dragon type, Light type, and some thought correctly that it’s Fairy type.

Sylveon evolves from Eevee by a new unique method; level up with at least 2 hearts from Pokemon Amie, and knowing a Fairy-type move (Eevee learns 2 of those by level-up). It almost feels like Sylveon was made to advertise Pokemon Amie. Not that I mind, ’cause I quite like it. But I do wonder how they’ll carry Sylveon’s evolution method forward. Would there be Pokemon Amie (or something similar) in all future games? Or would the evolutionary method be changed like Milotic’s.

I’m not sure if I like Sylveon’s design. I love eeveelutions, they’re cute, but not overly sweet, and I feel like Sylveon kind of crossed that line into the cutesy pink girly Pokemon with its frilly bows and feeler tendrills, despite the fact that 87.5% of them are male. I couldn’t bear having a male Sylveon, so I bred forever to get a female Eevee to make into Sylveon. Also, Sylveon’s vacant eyes are kind of er… creepy.

Stat-wise, Sylveon has the same stat numbers as the other eeveelutions, just distributed differently. Its stat distribution is fairly useful; highest in Sp Defense, second in Sp Attack, and then HP. It could fill similar role as Vaporeon, being a Sp Defensive tank/Special sweeper. Unfortunately its Defense sucks, and the more common Steel type are physical. And Sylveon doesn’t have any way to burn the opponent, or raise its Defense like Vaporeon; the best it could do is Charm. For some reason, Sylveon can learn Psyshock by TM, but not Psychic.

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